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Field Environmental Philosophy

This methodology comprises a cycle of four phases:

  • Interdisciplinary ecological and philosophical research.

  • Composition of metaphors and communication through simple narratives.

  • Design of guided field activities with an ecological and ethical focus.

  • Implementation of in situ conservation areas.

The approach has been adopted by postgraduate students at the Omora Biological Station, co-led by an ecologist and a conservation philosopher or biologist with a focus on arts or humanities, who interact with local communities, authorities, experts and ecotourism guides who then apply the knowledge and practices to their own activities.

Some of these activities include:

  • Ecoturismo con lupa (Ecotourism with a hand lens)

  • Cara a cara con los aves subantárticas (Face-to-face with sub-Antarctic birds)

  • Bosques submarinos del Cabo de Hornos (The Underwater forests of Cape Horn)

  • Experimentando en los jardines altoandinos de la región Sub-antártica (Experimenting in the High-Andean gardens of the sub-Antarctic region)

  • Sumergidos con lupa (Underwater with a hand lens)

Field Environmental Philosophy (FEP): Texto
Field Environmental Philosophy (FEP): Video
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